1 Pack Benih Rumput AQUARIUM Aquatic Grass Maica Leaf


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Tidak perlu profesional , tidak perlu co2, tidak perlu lampu khusus, tidak perlu tanah khusus.

tingkat germinasi 99%, sangat mudah dalam menumbuhkan.
tumbuh cepat. cukup di tabur saja.
membuat aquarium anda lebih segar dan hijau

Planting method:

1. Place the fish tank sludge plants, ceramic fairy land available
2. Place the seeds evenly sprinkle on plants mud.
3. Continue uniform mud strewn grass seed cover, where the thinner the seeds germinate quickly, as long as the water
Grass seeds can not float up
4. Slowly into the aquarium water, pay attention to prevent scour the bed pulls out the seeds
5. NOTE After full of water, open the filter, open heating rods, temperature setting 25 degrees
6. Generally seed germination can be observed three days, seven days most start drilled soil, 10
Days substantially View
Features: No carbon dioxide, no glare, will not grow taller, generally maintained at 5CM
Left and right, so you simply used lawn grass spike all prospects


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